FJ Feeds specialises in pelletized animal feeds which reduce wastage and allow a complete balanced ration to be provided with each mouthful taken in by the animals. We differentiate ourselves from other players in the industry by using 1st grade lucerne. The main ingredient used is lucerne which is produced locally in the Graaff-Reinet district and surrounding areas. FJ Feeds is the only pelletized animal feed business in the Karoo allowing for fast and cost efficient delivery to surrounding farmers and Co-Ops.  
Our facility is able to produce customized mixtures that can be made for individual needs in small one ton batches. Our packaging is also different, using a smaller 40 kg bag allowing for easier handling than the industry standard.
On a two weekly basis we send samples of raw materials and finished product to laboratories to be analysed and checked for quality purposes.  All FJ Feeds branded product ranges are registered with DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries). 

Key Features of Lucerne 

  • High levels of Digestible Fibre
  • Good for fertility
  • Good source of Beta Carotene
  • Palatable and safe to feed
  • Good protein level, ideally suited to ruminants
  • Can be used as a forage extender

Production Process