Sheep are commonly supplementary fed during late-summer, autumn and early winter to:

  1. Improve utilisation of existing dry pasture
  2. Meet the sheep's requirements by providing extra nutrients
  3. Improve production to ensure that meat production or wool quality targets are met
  4. Reduce the grazing pressure on establishing pasturesto ensure that pasture growth rates are optimised in winter

A highly palatable pelletised lucerne pellet is ideal as a supplement to grazing for any large herbivorous animals such as horses, cattle and sheep.

Lucerne Pellets provide many benefits over traditional feeds such as chaff in the area of storage, handling, minimising wastage and guaranteed nutritional value.

  • Pelletized feed takes up much less storage space
  • Pelletized feed can be stored for longer and with less wastage
  • You determine what you feed your animals and in what ratio
  • Eliminates selective feeding habits
  • Better handling properties and a cleaner product
  • Feed can be transported more easily
  • Reduces respiratory disease in animals due to dust inhalation
  • Pelletized feeds have a 145% higher conversion ratio
  • Better results with growth in animals
  • Decrease wastage of loose feed by up to 30% when pelleted