The reasons that the need for supplementary animal feeding is increasing in the livestock industry is due to amongst other reasons the following:
  • Drought – during dry weather spells the decrease in the amount of natural occurring good quality animal grazing decreases, this means that producers need to supply supplementary feeds.
  • Predation – more and more vermin such as caracal and jackal killing lambs and goat kids in extensive areas, so farmers lamb down in smaller camps near homesteads, these smaller camps cannot sustain animals without additional supplementary feeding.
  • High value animals such as stud animals are boosted to be in peak condition for ram sales or shows.
  • SA is a net importer of red meat and not enough is produced in SA so local farmers try to increase the weight and value of each animal produced.
  • Game industry, more and more land is being used for high value game animals which are fed pelleted animal feed on a continuous basis. The cost of supplementary feed for these animals is an absolute minimal fraction of the value of the rare animal. As more farms convert to game farms, so the predator numbers increase and small livestock farmers have to give more attention to their animals and feed with supplementary feed.